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Data protection


The user was notified, according to the Broadcasting Act (TMG), German Data Protection Act (BDSG) as well as other regulations pertaining to data protection, that personal data given in the course of registration are recorded, processed and used for machine reading exclusively for the purpose, for which it was given by the user, unless there was any consent given for other type of use.


The offeror is entitled to register, process, record and use personal data of the user related to the use of his services, provided that it is necessary to make the services available to the user. As a consequence, when the user visits the offeror’s service, the data given by the user are then registered, recorded and processed, provided that it is actually necessary. Moreover, the offeror is entitled to access this data in order to maintain efficiency of the aforementioned services. Te offeror guarantees confidential treatment of data.


The user has the possibility of free and gratuitous access to personal data kept by the offeror and recorded under the user’s name or pseudonym. For that purpose the user submits his application to the offeror.


Having obtained the user’s voluntary, individually declared and recorded consent for “extended data use “, the offeror is entitled to register, process (e.g. modify, record for further processing, join with other data records and file) and use personal data as well as profile and demographic data for the following purposes:
- admission to the list of participants
- transfer of information regarding online offers proposed by the offferor
- personalization and optimal adjustment of services rendered by the offeror to the user’s interests
- advertising and market survey for online offers proposed by the offeror
Having obtained the user’s consent, the offeror is not obliged to remove data pertaining to the use as soon as possible, i.e. immediately after completion of each particular use, but is entitled to record this data.

The consent is given by means of checking appropriate box. The given consent is then recorded and its content is permanently accessible to the user.


The user agree for processing his personal data, for the marketing purposes (receiving newsletters, bargain offers, information about new offers, reminders), in accordance with the laws for the protection of personal data. The data will not be disclosed to third parties.


The offeror undertakes for his part that he will use the user’s data acquired as a result of the relationship of use only within the scope of TMG, BDSG and other regulations pertaining to data protection and – with the reservation that other consent was given – only for realization of purposes under the regulation pertaining to data protection, the offeror shall keep the data confident and oblige his employees to do so, provided that it is required by law.


In order to be able to ascertain the extent to which the offer is interesting for the users and how it might be improved, general and impersonal statistic data is recorded with regard to the use of the online offers proposed by the offerer. For that purpose surveys are carried out, data and information are collected from server evidence in the form of a comprehensive database and used for statistics and analyses.


The user may at any time withdraw his consents for the future. In order to do this, he should terminate the agreement for use regarding extended use of personal data and then personal data will be totally removed by the offeror. In case when, through the user’s consent, his personal data was transferred to cooperating partners, then they will be immediately informed about it and requested to remove this data. There is also a possibility to maintain the agreement for use in force and to withdraw only the consent for extended use of personal data in the future. If the data is processed by external service suppliers within the scope of central data processing, then in such case the offeror takes reasonable steps in order to take into account the issue of full protection of the user’s personal data.


Information about using „Facebook Connect“
„Facebook Connect“ is a service of „Facebook Inc.“ The use of „Facebook Connect“ is subject to the privacy policies and terms of use of „Facebook“.
When using „Facebook Connect“ the „Facebook“ profile data and the „Facebook“ public data from your „Facebook“ profile will be transferred to „“.
Conversely, data can be transferred from „“ your „Facebook“ profile. Your transferred data is saved and processed by „“ for the purpose of registering on „“.
By registering on „“ via „Facebook Connect“, you consent to the transfer of profile data from your „Facebook“ profile to „“ as well as the transmission of data for the use of „“ to „Facebook“.

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